Hi, I’m Rae. I use they/them pronouns.

I’m an artist, designer, and communications professional in Duwamish/Coast Salish lands (Seattle).

I want to help make the revolution irresistible.

It’s an aspiration, and a compass. Along with wanting to incorporate more participatory communication in my process. And being in community.

It’s certainly nice having goals, though, to hold onto like a lifeline while the world burns around us.


Cohesive identity. Alignment between form and purpose. Wraparound assets for various channels.


Storytelling through video production. Animation. Photography.


Traditional and digital media. Background in fine arts.


Copywriting. Breaking down complex ideas into digestible chunks. Comics, infographics. Information design.

Visual Communications Associate

Washington Environmental Council / Washington Conservation Voters

2018 – present

Refreshed WEC’s brand; pitched and transitioned organizational newsletter into a people-centered magazine with feature articles; illustrations for new website; created brand and assets for WCV’s Evergreen Future policy platform and campaign; designed new layouts for publications, including State of our Forests and Public Lands; created engaging social content to keep public apprised on bills during the legislative session; designed communication tools for elected officials to use as reference.


Let’s make something together.

raeminjilee @ gmail.com

rae @ wecprotects.org

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